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School Yoga Symposium at Kripalu April 23-25.

Ann Buckley Reen founder of Get Ready to Learn a researched classroom yoga curriculum that PREPARES students of all abilities for learning. Introduced in NYC classrooms of students with special needs in 2008, the program has spread throughout the US and abroad. It is used daily in mainstream, integrated and special needs classrooms. Find how/where to study with Ann at Education Resources.

Fostering Positive Behavior and Leadership in Youth

Hear discussion on how school yoga-mindfulness are becoming part of evidence-based Positive Behavior Supports/Response to Intervention protocols, and of youth leadership & career tracking.

Susan Solvang of Milwaukee-based Growing Minds talks about the study showing reduced office referrals due to improved self-regulation and social-emotional skills.

PBIS/RTI programs that include yoga-mindfulness protocols prevent problem behaviors at a communty level, since schools are a hub for public health education.

Amy Haysman of Grounded explains how the youth training program works which empowers students with leadership, life and future career skills.

March 2012 Interview

April 2012 interview


Developing Sustainable
School Yoga-Mindfulness Programs
Continuing Education for School, Health & Yoga Professionals
1-hour WEBINAR

Learn to create local collaborations with national support.
Essentials of Policy, Administration, Organization & Funding.
1 hour pre-approved Continuing Education.







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Yoga & Mindfulness are Complementary & Alternative Medicines, says U.S. Dept. Health & Human Svcs.Deep breathing, meditation, massage & yoga were identified as the 4 CAM therapies whose usage significantly increased by adults in the U.S. from 2002 2007, with deep breathing and yoga identified as the 3rd & 4th most commonly used interventions with children during the same time period (CDC National Health Statistics Report #12. CAM use among adults and children: U.S., 2007.)

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